Helping those who have given so much.
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Peace Chapel and OTANY Retreat– A place of healing and wellness for our military.
Never forget our soldiers' sacrifices. Freedom is not free,
someone always pays a price.

Peace Chapel Inc. is a non-profit 501 C Corporation. It is rebuilding Peace Chapel which was originally constructed during the Vietnam War by Chaplain Major John Porter and the men of the 173d Airborne Brigade. The Chapel was built and funded by the soldiers and stood in the middle of a combat zone. It towered on the edge of the DMZ as a symbol for hope and for peace. The new chapel will stand as a monument to the soldiers that built it and for the many who have given their lives for our country. Peace Chapel will also be available for weddings and other celebratory events. Surrounding Peace Chapel will be OTANY Military Retreat which is a subsidiary of Peace Chapel.

sad soldierOur service members deserve the best care that can be provided. They need a place where they can receive the help they so desperately need. Rising suicide rates, musculoskeletal injuries, exposure to inhaled toxins, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are the signature medical maladies of this war. Our military and veterans are facing serious health issues. Peace Chapel and OTANY Retreat will create a healing destination with our man, arms outretched in the sunsetsoldiers' unique needs in mind. Built as a horse guest ranch, it will have an atmosphere of getaway and vacation rather than a sterile medical hospital environment. On the grounds of Peace Chapel along with receiving therapeutic treatment, our military guests will enjoy spa therapies, hiking, biking and horseback riding. They will participate in Equine Therapy, soak in our warm medicinal waters and benefit from spectacular mountain views under the healing desert sun. They will have the opportunity for involvement in our total spectrum of programs, not only specific to PTSD and TBI but also for detoxification, physical therapy, counseling, nutrition, health and fitness. This is a place for our soldiers to retreat, relax and get healthy.